0 Which Color??

It's really time for a laptop upgrade. I have had my current one since January of 2007. It doesn't sound like thaaat long ago, but it sure looks like it's gone through some serious beating. I love it the most for it's crystal clear screen, and it's certainly done everything I've needed it to do... except now it just feels like the right time to upgrade.

Well, I really don't have the best reason to get a new one, except that I just want to, I have not spoiled myself with a huge purchase since.... since buying this laptop 3 yeas ago. For pretty much the same price now, I can get something that will work much better, and look much better.

My mom has also been asking me to find her a very inexpensive one just so she can do her occasional online banking, and watch TV shows that I download for her. So I thought: why not just give her mine which is perfect enough for her to do just those things, and I can get my new one without feeling guilty that I am abandoning my old buddy.

I already have a brand and model in mind, now my dilemma is picking a color. I am not the kind to really settle for a plain black or silver gadget; if it comes in colors, I will take a color. But what happens when you're given more than one pretty choice??

I am loving the Shimmery Gold and definitely considering the Hawaiian Yellow. If I did want to go the safe route it will be the Jet Black or Icy White, the other colors don't really speak to me. My number one choice was the Shimmery Gold, but I have not seen it in stores in person, and I can't even find a proper picture of it online anywhere. I am afraid it will not come looking like what I imagine it to be, as this picture really doesn't show it clearly. I can't find reviews on it either, as if no one has bought this yet. My second choice being the Hawaiian Yellow, I can totally see myself using, but am afraid it isn't the most conventional color that I can guarantee I won't get bored of.

What to do what to do.

Image from Sony.ca

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