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We have been couch shopping for the last two to three months. As we weren't moving into the new place until April, the initial shopping trips were just to scout out what's out there, and get a feel of what we like and don't like. But now that the closing date is getting closer, I guess J is stepping into the stores as a more serious buyer - which can be both exciting and tiring (when you can't find something you like!).

His ideal living room sofa right from the get-go was a sleek streamlined black leather couch - nothing poofy, saggy, bulky, and too high. He is an extremely particular person, that is if he has an image of something in his head, he will likely not settle for something else that isn't exactly what he imagined. We looked at handfuls of leather sofas, nothing seemed to have been our cup of tea. A couple have come close, but nothing that wowed us.
Above is from The Brick, not a place we thought to visit at all. And I would say this sofa is only somewhat close to what we would like.
This one is from Sears, which he fell in love with last week! But it was being discontinued in the store, so the sales person required for the floor sample to be sold as a set which, we don't need. On top of that it was a mismatched set (!) of the black sofa, a grey loveseat, and a red ottoman... all in different fabrics! We went back a second time and J tried to see if he can get just the black sofa, but no can do. So we had to move along.

During this whole couch shopping journey, I have seen more that I liked than he did. He wants leather, and I have been trying to make him see the prettiness in other comfy couches. But I can't be too pushy as it's his house and he's buying his furniture. If you ask me, these are some that I like:

As you can see I was leaning towards the lighter colors, and something I can sink into with big cushions around me. But of course this isn't what he wants, although I can see all the comfort in his eyes when he test-sits on them, LOL. We just couldn't find that midddle ground. Until today....

We walked into Mobilia on Woodbine and Hwy 7. First of all I must say we have been into countless furniture places in town, both big box stores and smaller places. We walked in, and straight out of, many because they just weren't our style. But we went through Mobilia today and actually spent some time absorbing their selection of modern furniture. We saw this one, and we both thought this was it.

It's light in color which I like, sleek and streamlined and not poofy or saggy which he likes, and has pretty wooden legs. Can you believe J wants it even though it isn't leather? We looked through the fabric swatches and just knew it doesn't look right in leather. And we didn't love the other fabric and color choices either. It was this one on display, the light grey, that looked the best. We called it the 'eco' sofa cause that was just the feeling we got from it, and it was a nice feeling (maybe it had something to do with the green plant in the space). Minus the metallic zebra cushion, everything about this was calling out to us to take her home. And the fact that J's in love with something that he totally didn't imagine looking for, just better inforces that it's the one.

But he didn't buy it yet. We took the pictures, and thought we should come home and think about it some more. See if we still feel the same about it in a week or two so to make sure it wasn't just some impulsive infatuation. What do you think about this eco-sofa?

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