0 Orchids Gift-wrapped

Tomorrow is Mother's Day so J planned dinner out with his family tonight. This morning we went grocery shopping and decided to pick up flowers from the flower department in the supermarket. We went with orchids knowing his mom likes them and they will definitely last longer than the usual bouquets of roses/carnations/etc. For the affordable price of $12.99 of course it came in a simple pot and no fancy wrapping.
But that is no biggie to me because I knew I can throw something over that pot in no time. First I thought to use scrap fabric - I have a bag of old clothes I was getting ready to donate so I went through that first but decided I better not cut up any clothes since those can be going to good use by others. So I went through my 'gift wrap' supplies and just grabbed some pink and white tissue paper, trimmed it to size, wrapped it up the pot and first secured with a large elastic band, and then just tide a bow around with a cute brown ribbon. Ta-da!
Happy Mother's Day!

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