2 DIY: Entrance Rug

Inspired by all the DIY rugs out there, we purchased a plain blue runner for our entrance and I made my own trellis stencil to create this pattern. I am thinking this saved me a lot of moolah compared to buying one already printed with a pattern. Quite happy with the results :)
Here's how I did it in an nutshell:

- Create a stencil in Illustrator, one that can be repeated

- Print stencil onto paper, then trace it onto acetate with a marker. Or just print straight onto acetate too, I just didn't

- Score out your pattern with an exacto knife

- With chalk, draw a straight line across and down the rug to find the center point, tape the stencil down in the middle. I wanted to work my way out from the middle so that i can prevent the pattern from ending up off-centered. The two lines also helped me keep my pattern straight.

- With paint and a sponge brush I dabbed onto my stencil, becareful of bleeding but it is inevitable because of the nature of the rug, just don't overload the brush with paint.

- Remove stencil and repeat the step for a continuous pattern.

- Let dry and enjoy!

edit: Just linked this to Hope Studio's Tutorial Tuesday!!


Stephanie said...

I love this too. It kills me how expensive nice rugs are.

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