4 Above My Desk

Here's a look at what sits right above my 'desk'... quotations because I don't actually use my 'desk' as a desk. My sewing machine currently sits there, whereas my laptop is quite permanently stationed downstairs on the coffee table where I sit on the floor and use it every night while I watch TV.

This post is just me documenting the little memorabilia that is showcased in our den right above said 'desk'. I don't think the general public would be very interested in this.

I want to make a point to mention that I keep a lot of junk (especially from travel and from friends). I keep them in boxes and bags thinking someday they would be of some use. More often than not, I am wrong. As a kid I liked to display on shelves every memorable item that I kept, but we all know that just becomes clutter to the eye. I knew I had to be selective in what I put out because there was just way too much, plus I had limited space because I share the space with J.

We put up 4 Ikea white Lack shelves, two long and two short which we scored off of Craigslist, and arranged them all on the wall above the desks. Pictured above is one of the short shelves with 'stuff' that made the cut to be my permanent (for now) display.

From left to right:
  • Pig mirror from Cousin Jess on her trip to Asia (Hong Kong?) on top of my sketchbook
  • Slanted Windy City shot glass from our long weekend road trip to Chicago, August 2010
  • Large Doraemon piggy bank and white pig piggy bank, both from my childhood but don't know who gave it to me, love both
  • Purple Geisha figurine from my trip around Japan with Rad (she got a pink blue one), September 2007
  • Behind are alphabet blocks that spell BETTY, given to me from San on my birthday, year forgotten (sorry San!)
  • Heart shaped clear jar of folded stars from J when we first started dating, I feel guilty that I don't recall the occasion for this gift (anniversary? my birthday? valentine's?)
  • Customized wooden stamp of my Chinese last name from Cousin Nancy during her trip to Asia.
  • Photo frame with pic of Rad, Me, and San - as my going-away present before I left to live in Japan, Feb 2007. I later found a note from San hidden in the frame behind the picture =)
  • Photo of me and Mom at high school graduation, Oct 2002. 
  • Photo of me and J at dinner on our 1 month anniversary, Sept 2005
  • Large green scrapbook that I started (and never finished) intended to document our first whole year of dating, lots of photos of trips and memorabilia, but somehow incomplete =S
  • Blue stuffed seahorse from J as one of my Xmas gifts, we have an inside joke about me wanting a horse but this was all he could afford to buy me (for now), Dec 2005
Here's a closer look:

I think once we work on the guest bedroom this summer to change it into a work room, the things in the den will get some moving around. Hope things will come along nicely!


Rad said...

Rad got a blue doll in Japan btw. My heart is with that coutry right now.

Betty said...

Oh! My bad, and you say I have a good memory =P Let me fix that.
Yes that place and the people are amazing. They can do it!

Unknown said...

when will my sands make it up there? although i like that they're in your living room.. =D

Betty said...

Exactly, your sand is much more noticed where they are now. Did you not hear when I said I don't even sit at my desk?!? LOL