3 DIY: Easy Glass Cabinet Door Face Lift

When we moved into this house we didn't inherit much from the previous owners. Well, there were the standard things like all the kitchen appliances. They also left window coverings including all blinds which we kept, and curtains in the bedrooms which we have taken down. In terms of permanent fixtures there weren't any, except one...

I remember when we were shown the house, both the upstairs bath and the downstairs washroom had a over-the-toilet cabinet. The upstairs one looked like this:
This photo was taken from the property listing when the house was on the market. I don't have a photo of what the downstairs washroom looked like. Anyways, when we moved in, only the downstairs washroom cabinet was left for us, and the cabinet in the photo above was gone (with the previous owners).

My immediate thought was that we don't really need storage in the downstairs washroom, all it really needs is a place to put extra toilet paper, which we solved by purchasing this, but ours is silver:

So I had J take down the downstairs cabinet and bring it upstairs to the bathroom. All the screws were still in the wall of the bathroom from the previous cabinet so there was no nailing or drilling involved for us in making this swap. Immediately this created more storage for us in the bathroom which was much needed for all our toiletries... we have lots =P

The doors on the cabinet are clear frosted. They still sort of bothered me because I could see the shape and color of all the things inside. So I went for another quick fix by shopping for some gift wrap, cut it to the size of the glass and taped it on from the inside.


This easy DIY cabinet door make-over was actually one of the first things I did early in our move-in stage. J and I shopped together for this paper pattern and agreed we both liked the blue and dark brown demask print. This decision basically set the color theme of the rest of the bathroom:
  • It's why when my friend San let me make my own decision on her towel gift to me, I chose the dark brown towel with blue lettering, it was to match my cabinet door paper pattern.
  •  and it's why I went with the dark brown place mats to make my long bath mat.

There are still plans for this small bathroom, the next big thing is changing up/out the mirror! Hopefully I will get to that this summer.

Do you like the pattern we chose?


    San said...

    How are the quality of them towels? ;)

    Betty said...

    Sooo soft! Want more! =D

    Cabinet Doors Online said...

    That's extremely wonderful. Love it.