0 He's Just Not That Into You

Watched this movie at home last night. I am always up for a chick flick even knowing all of them are pretty much the same kinda stuff. However, I think I really liked this one!

I liked how although each character had their own love story they were still  linked to other characters in some way to form a full circle. And it was realistic that not everyone had a happy ending.

I liked the character 'Gigi' even though she really was the most annoying one, LOL, probably every guy's nightmare haha, but she was the most fun to watch. Unlike 'Beth'... is it just me or Jennifer Aniston is ALWAYS in the SAME kind of roles?! And not to mention she ALWAYS LOOKS the SAME too! Hairstyle, wardrobe, character personality. She really doesn't take risks at all, and has really been type casted.

Anyways, I would watch this again, I think it was a fun movie. Maybe not so fun watching with a bf beside you, every 20 minutes in the storyline I heard J go "I don't like this movie", haha!

Image taken from IMDB

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