1 Initial Hooks

A while back we were just walking around HomeSense (Winners / one of my favorite places to 'scavenge' for homey stuff) and I came upon these wall hooks and thought these would be so cute in the house. I knew I wasn't the type to prominently put our names (first or last or initials) all over the house as decor, but a small touch here and there wouldn't hurt. So I picked up a B for me and a J for Jimmy. I was also surprised that it didn't take much convincing for J to agree on this item, he liked it too!

I liked that they were ornate letters but still clean looking being in the block shape. I also liked that it was black on black so the letters are subtle and don't really stand out unless you stood closer to see.

Edit: Is that two lighter spots on the wall? Never noticed this due to the lighting in the room while we were painting. It's definitely not noticeable in real life.

The initial thought was to put them on the door in the bathroom as towel hooks. However, as we started living in the space and using the bathroom everyday I noticed we had no need for extra hooks in there because there were already two bath towel racks and one hand towel hook. And we never leave clothes in the washroom either so I decided to put the hooks in the bedroom.

My first try was to nail them to the back of the door so that they're only seen by us when the door is closed and not by guests touring the house. However, maybe I wasn't using enough force to bang the nail into the door, because it was almost impossible to get a nail through the surface! I didn't want to force it or get Jimmy to try, and I also started to think I didn't want to ruin a door by putting two holes in it cause they are SO EXPENSIVE. So I changed my plan and nailed them to the wall right behind the door.

So they are still hidden when the door is open, and I still have the full wall space to the left of them for future plans (wall art?). So far J's hook has been useful to him for a pair of pants and a shirt at the end of the day, and mine I don't actually use LOL! I started by hanging my robe there, but then I got into my old habit again of just throwing my robe into my basket of other clothes on the floor. So for now I just hang one of my (DIY!) necklaces on my B.

 (Hmmm, I'm trying to imagine that door knob... not in brass...)