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Another bathroom post =P

Our first shower curtain was actually just a simple white shower liner we bought with plastic curtain rings, probably under 10 bucks. If you use these you'd probably know they don't last, you almost have to replace the liner every few months because it starts to tear at the holes on the top due to constant tugging on the liner when you get in and out of your shower.

So we went shopping for a new shower curtain and were determined to get something that would last, and this meant investing a bit more moolah into it - but J has no problem with that when he knows he's getting quality results, yippie! I suggested we go with the ones with the huge gromets on the top for the shower rod to go through, therefore completely eliminating the need for ugly plastic curtain rings, AND they will never rip, AND it looks sooo much classier.

We looked at curtains with color and patterns and decided with such a small space we should keep it all white to keep it feeling more open and airy, and we could add in color through accent pieces in the washroom. So we picked one that was about $40, and it was the best choice ever!!


The curtain (outer) layer falls on the outside of the bath tub, and it has a second liner layer that falls inside the tub. The liner layer is snapped onto the outer layer all across about 2/3 way up from the bottom. It can be removed anytime for machine wash.

 This photo was taken with me standing inside the tub.

The rest of the 1/3 at the top is a shear fabric which is great to let in more light during your shower and you also feel less enclosed (in case you are claustrophobic or something, but we're not).

The only downfall of this beautiful shower curtain was that it didn't come with magnets on the bottom of the liner layer to secure to the tub. I was use to having these magnets on all the cheap liners we use to buy, it helped hold the liner in place to prevent water splashing out the sides of the tub. So, before we threw out our old cheap ripped up shower liner, I cut out their 3 magnets, plus three 2x2inch squares of the old liner... And I hand stitched them onto our new liner.

Sorry if the photo is unclear... or sorry if it is too clear and you see dirtiness on that corner, this was taken after months of use, we've since given it a wash and it looks brand spankin new! 

I basically did this sewing three times, once on each bottom corner and one on the bottom middle of the liner. It was maybe a 20min job but such a great idea to reuse and recycle to get what I wanted. No more flowy liner in the shower! Do this if you have a magnet-less liner!

(Like my cabinet doors?)

I really pat myself on the back after this one! =P

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