4 DIY: Photo Frame Trays

I'm not much of an accessories girl. My everyday jewellery includes my silver star earrings, my 'couples' ring (J has a matching one), and my jade ball necklace (chain from my dad, jade is my mom's). All are very subtle pieces and I don't take them off, even in the shower or for bed, and they stay on with everything I wear.

But when I do feel like changing things up on a particular day, I do have a selection of fun pieces (fun = non expensive) that I now keep at a convenient reach. I use to just pile them into a junk drawer or stuff everything in a zippered make-up bag so it was hard to see what I have or dig for what I want, but then I realised it'd be nice to have it more organized in an open space.

I didn't want it to look like just jewelery randomly laid out on my dresser, so I made trays for them. I picked up two 8x10 black frames that have a deep inset, broke off their easels so they would lay flat, purchased some scrapbook paper at Dollarama, and voila.

I like the paper patterns, but not sure they are too busy with all my jewelery on top,  I can live with it for now though. Below is what the underside looks like. You can see I snapped off the easel, and I put a glob of hot glue on each of the four corners to act has 'legs'.. I was afraid the metal components on the back of the frame may scratch the surface of my dresser so I wanted to raise the tray off the surface by adding the glue dots.

The two green scallop-edged dishes are just little sauce bowls I had in the kitchen and could spare (we have way too many), and the large printed bowl with the lid is Tiffany's from my cousins this past Christmas! Oh yes and I do worry about tarnishing, so those pieces are kept in the baggies and the Tiffany's bowl with lid.

I do have more jewellery than this, but only these made the cut as "I probably will where these more, and those less"... 'those' being the ones still piled in a junk drawer or stuffed in a zippered make-up bag. Actually, I only made the tray on the right first, and lived with it for a few months. Then I realised the pieces were still really jumbled together so then I decided to make the second one to spread things out more, and added the bowls for better organization.

Side story: The whole green bowl of rings were all bought at once at a recent trade show I worked at in Edmonton. I had a sudden urge that day thinking to myself  "I don't have any fun cocktailish rings, lets just buy a bunch here and end the need to ever have to buy any". Don't you like my thinking? So there they are.

Do you like my jewellery trays? =)

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Tammy @ Type A said...

very pretty, i love that you used the tray to display your jewelry. thanks for sharing this at my party.

Betty said...

Thanks for having me! ;)

Stephanie said...

Your trays are STUNNING! I love the patterns, reminds me of vintage. Great job :)

Betty said...

Thanks Stephanie! Definitely love YOUR jewellery organization as well ;)