2 DIY: Placemat Bath Mat

This has got to be the simplest and quickest "project" (if you can even call it that, cause it was so easy) I've done to-date.

In our bathroom we've always used a white towel on the floor. Then we started talking about getting a nicer looking mat, something bamboo-ish or teak would be nice to get that spa like feel. So I searched the web for some options. Knowing me, I was wanting to spend something like.. 2 dollars.. on this. So when I saw options that were $15-30, I said "No Thanks!"

While in my local Dollarama one day, looking at placemats because we needed placemats for our patio table and in the dining room, I found some that I thought could be our bathroom floor mat!

The dark brown color tied together with the bath towels that my friend Sandy got for us as a housewarming gift. They were personalized towels from Lacoste with our names embroidered on! I know I know, in this post yesterday I JUST talked about how I don't want to fill the house with our names on everything, but this was a gift and we loved it. San even let me pick the color of the towels and I went with the chocolate brown with baby blue stitching.

Anyways, so the brown placemats in Dollarama felt right. I bought 4, plus a piece of those grippy things to put underneath so that the mats won't slide around on the floor when you step on them.

I simply connected the placemats with clear heavy duty tape. When the 4 pieces were all connected I realised it looked a bit short in the length of our bathroom, so the next day I went to purchase one more to make it 5. It's now the perfect length!

What do you think? Does it look strange? Can you tell they are obviously placemats put together, or no? That's what I was kinda worried about but then I've gotten use to it and it feels great!

This whole thing cost me 6 bucks (5 placemats + 1 gripping thingy @ $1 each). Yeah yeah, it wasn't the 2 bucks I wanted to spend, but definitely worth it still, and sure beats spending $30!

And if anyone is wondering if there's problems with mildew or anything - I did this over half a year ago and they are still in place and looking perfect.

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Miko said...

Hi, they look wonderful and I'm glad they are working for you. I also purchased some bamboo placemats from Dollarama, they are slightly different in looks but same concept. Heres my problem, they have a strong smell of what I presume to be the varnish(almost a licorice scent), and as I wiped them down, color had transferred onto the cloth.Since the smell is still there as well as the color bleeding, I had disposed of them rather quickly. Nice looking but made in China, cheap, and who knows, maybe toxins from the sealer. Wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and what was done about it.

Betty said...

Hi Miko - Sorry to hear that yours didn't work out. I haven't had any problems with mine, no smell or color bleeding. It didn't have any odor ever since I bought them, and no odor grew over time either. As for color, I haven't tried to wipe them down by harshly scrubbing or anything, it's only ever been wet when we step on them with wet feet and there is no color transfer from just that. It would be nice to hear from others too to see if they have similar problems as you or even to hear if they have success stories.