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You may be sick of another washroom-related post, but c'mon, who doesn't love washrooms? It's the best room in the house after the living room and the kitchen and the bedroom!

So let's talk about our washroom again. Maybe you didn't even wonder this, but I will answer as if you did wonder:

After this post where I talked about how when we first moved in we had to move the downstairs washroom cabinet to the upstairs bathroom. I bet you wondered what we did with the empty wall space that was left in the downstairs washroom. I bet you did wonder, didn't you! Here's the answer...

(Sorry for the flash)

Yup, we put up drawings sketches of (I'll explain the strike-through in a bit) naked people. Now this wasn't really planned at all. When the cabinet came down, we only knew we would frame something in that space. So we measured that whole empty wall above, went to Ikea, and purchased a frame that would be big enough to fill the space and make a statement. But we had no idea what art we would put in it. 

J and I are somewhat artsy people... I guess (haha he might hit me for sounding doubt-y) @_@. We both went to artsy high schools and enrolled in artsy programs, so we had a collection of art stashed in the house.. from back in school. Post-secondary he didn't pursue an artsy undergrad, I sort of did but I don't have a lot that I'm proud of to show =P. 

Anyhow, I thought I should fill the frame with something temporarily until we found the perfect piece of art or photography to go in it, so when we brought the huge frame home I went through our stash  of art to see what would fit in "for now".  Between the two of us in our portfolio case there was a good amount of art - paintings, portraits, landscape, pen and ink, pencil drawings, fashion sketches... 

BUT, there wasn't much to choose from in terms of size, I had to get something big enough to fit perfectly in that matting. So I was only able to pick a few of our pieces that were done on those large sketching pads that we used in class. If you took an art class you would remember doing these charcoal sketches of a nude model standing in the middle of the class. J and I both had these 'practice' pieces saved. Between mine and his, guess who's made it in?

This is art by J

I chose his. I actually did this whole art-picking thing while he was out one day, so he was surprised to come back to what I had chosen to frame. I myself was kinda surprised something more colorful or 'finished-looking' didn't get framed, I really wasn't 100% sure about doing this, but we put it up anyway and it really grew on us. Now this 'temporary' piece has been up for almost a year. 

Time for the disclaimer: J was looking over my shoulder while I was writing this post and he wanted to make sure I mention that this was a sketch. A SKETCH. Not a drawing or a painting, not some fancy thing he spent hours on. It's a rough sketch done in class where your teacher only gives about a minute per model pose. Ya know, just in case you think that's all he's got; just want to make sure you know he can do more than this. LOL. Kidding, I must admit I do think he is quite good with traditional art mediums but he just doesn't (have the chance to) do it enough. He's really good! But then I might be biased too =P

What do you think?

The washroom is really small so it was a tight squeeze at the door to get a good picture. You can see it is pretty much all white with only the black and white art, and I do love that we've chosen to keep it so simple. Sorta makes me think American Psycho-ish (I'm gonna get brownie points from him for making a movie reference in my post =D) if you minus the girly diffuser vases.

I don't think we have any of our own art up in any other part of the house. Maybe it would be nice to consider that. 

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