0 Time in London

The clock in our living room stopped working since about a month ago, even after putting in new batteries it still ran slow. So we took it down and left the wall bare for a few weeks while we tried to get use to looking at the tiny digital clock on the stove when we are on the main floor. I always had my phone around me so it didn't bother me much. But getting a new clock was definitely on the top of J's shopping list.

We usually shop together for 'home decor' related purchases. But one day last week when J had to pass some time at the mall alone, he found this at HomeSense. He texted me to say he found something he liked but wanted me to see it first. I said just buy it if you think it's right. So he did. We hung it up. And we both really liked it.

It says Edinburgh Clock Works Co.  London, England. Goes great with our living room decor and even the colors are perfect!

Maybe I should find a clock for our den too....

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