0 Growing My Own Veggies

Back on the first weekend of April we planted some seeds and hoped that they would germinate and then sprout into beautiful green veggies and herbs. Honestly, it their first few weeks I don't think I gave them enough sun, and sun is pretty critical especially during germinating stage.

Long story short, basically my basil and parsley didn't make it. My spinach grew nicely though. After they grew to about 3 inches I transferred them into a bigger pot and continued to water them everyday. The following is what they looked like about a week ago.

Some leaves grew so large and tall that they were falling over so I snipped them off and made scrambled eggs with them for breakfast that morning :) 

Over the past week more leaves have grown and my spinach plants are even fuller now! I'll snap some pics again later.

Below are the tomatoes. They were the last to germinate and sprout. I really thought they were a complete fail when 3 weeks came around and nothing grew. But I waited it out anyway and eventually four out of five seeds sprouted! Again this was taken about a week ago, right now they are even taller! But I think it will be a while before we see any tomatoes. Oh well, I'm patient.

I gave the basil and parsley a second try last weekend, starting all over by planting brand new seeds. Right now they are in direct 20 degree sun, hopefully this time it will work!

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