2 DIY: Scalloped Top

Five years ago I bought this bright yellow top and I think I've since only worn it once. I didn't like how it fit on me and have no idea what made me think to buy it (I remember it wasn't even on sale either!). It had a droopy neckline, I like droopy necklines but this one was just made poorly and was very unflattering. I've tucked this top away for years but couldn't part with it because I thought someday I should be able to do something with it. I just couldn't let it go to waste.

Last night I finally attacked it. Instead of cutting off the excess fabric on the droopy neckline I rolled it up outwards for that.. rolled up fabric look. Then I cut pieces of black fabric and sewed it on like scales.

Below I am sharing a photo taken through the washroom mirror... a mirror that needs some windexing, LOL. Maybe instead of blogging I should be cleaning toothpaste splashes off the mirror.

I wonder if I will wear this top more now, or will it be another piece I will wear once and realize i don't like it =P

Edit: After posting this and viewing my post, I noticed my blog background is also scalloped. Hah. 


San said...

Like, like, LIKE. =]
I remember that top though, we contemplated if you should chunk or keep one of the nights we came over. ;p
Good that you found a new way to wear it now. (Y)

Betty said...

Yup! and Do you remember that I bought it with YOU?! YOU must have contributed at least 50% to the decision to buy it... tsk tsk tsk.