1 Arrangements From Two Bouquets

This past two days was a fun-filled weekend. My favourite ladies in the whole wide world - my friends and cousins - came over for a wine & cheese afternoon to celebrate an early b-day with me. And of course they brought lovely flowers. This post is only about the flowers.

So from two bouquets, I got six arrangements. Here we go:

First is in our guest bedroom. Flowers just in a clear jar without its lid. Tray from India gifted from friend Rad. Betty mug gifted from my elementary school friend Rachel back in Grade 7, whom I've lost touch with since age 14. 

A single flower on our picture ledge over the TV. Keep it simple.

Cut the stems really short and bunch into a short vase. 

Used whatever I had around the kitchen, this one is on the dining table in my clear glass water jug.

Not sure if the first pic is too simple, but I like it. I put another stem in for the second pic. These 'flowers' all had a fuzzy texture. Over my chalkboard in the kitchen.

This one is hardly an arrangement, just stuffed some stems into my reed diffuser vases on the toilet. I thought the little white flowers looked perfect in our little white washroom. 

There you go. If given a bouquet of mixed flowers you don't have to put the whole thing into one vase. Split the pieces up and spread them out around the house. I feel like the money goes a much longer way like this. Oh yeah, forgive me for not knowing the names of any flowers! =P

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Love the arrangements!