2 DIY: "New" Pants

Here's another alterations post. I recently dug these pants out again. I've owned these Guess cargo pants for years now; I would say at least 8 years. Unlike this top which I said was a "mistake" purchase and I only wore it once before altering it, these pants were actually worn many many many times.

Ok I have to put it out there, the above photos really does not look that flattering. But back when I wore it a lot, it did fit me better than it does now.

You can see in the following photo how much they went through.

So even though they are so beat up and they drag on the floor because I want to wear them with flats, it is another item I don't want to part with. So I decided to alter them.

I cut off the hems that were all ripped up, and then I took in both legs to taper the fit. As you can see in the following photo, I started with the left leg and started off by not taking in that much since I wasn't sure how tight I wanted the legs. That's why there are three stitched lines, turns out I was taking them in quite a bit because the third line (left-most stitch) was the final fit. Then I mimicked the left leg on the right leg, and then I cut off the excess fabric on both legs. Finally I cleaned up all the raw edges with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.

Here we go, what do you think? Notice the difference?

I think I can get a few more wears from these pants this summer. Oh and of course it cost me nothing to get this new look =)

One last look at before and after:
PS. Sorry for the poor quality photos, was using a bad camera in terrible lighting.