0 Another Umbrella

Last night we had dinner in The Distillery District in downtown Toronto. Before getting seated we had a bit of time so we scooted over to a shop called Bergo which had tons of home decor-ish nic-nacs. I think I could have spent hours in there checking everything out, but too bad we got there a bit late in the evening and it was only 15 minutes to closing.

One item that caught my eye?

I'm not sure what is it about umbrellas and me, but I thought this was so cute. Excuse the blur as this was inside a glass display. I didn't find out the price because I reasoned with myself by asking 'Do I really need this?". The answer was no. But wouldn't it be so cute beside my pencil sharpener pencil holder?...

I fell immediately for this sharpener pencil holder when we were in the Tate Museum a month ago in London. This was my one London souvenir to myself. I was trying to avoid getting souvenirs that scream 'vacation', but rather just pieces that would look nice in my home. This one says 'STATIONERS | SUCK UK & Co | LONDON, ENGLAND", it is subtle and I love the wood texture. 15 Pounds for a pencil holder is not normally a price I would pay (anything more than five bucks to me is expensive!), but this just had me at hello.

So back to the umbrella paper clip holder, don't you think it would look so cute beside this huge sharpener? Or does that not make sense? Or I am sure you can put other things in it besides paper clips, like tacks? candy? jewellery?

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