0 DIY: Framed Bathroom Mirror

Wow, what a hiatus. Been busy at work and when that died down, I've been busy being lazy.

Here's a project done about a month ago. I had been meaning to tackle the washroom mirror since we moved in April 2010. Sometimes the simplest projects take the longest to start.

Framing your bare-and-typical-builders'-washroom-mirror is not an innovative idea of mine. It's certainly been done by many and there are many tutorials you can seek online. I sort of did this whole shebang off of memory of what I've seen on other design blogs throughout the previous months. It was until after I finished is project that I googled for a tutorial so that I could send a link to a friend to explain what I did instead of writing up my own tutorial to explain to her.

Here, see what Becca did and posted on Somewhat Simple, really nice! It was pretty much the exact same steps I took, and results were just as beautiful.

So happy to cross another thing off my to-do list!

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