0 I Thought It Was The End

Here's a last peek at my tomatoes that I've been trying to grow since April. The plants were nice and big and leafy. Tomatoes started to grow a few months back, but they just kept growing but never ripened. Mind you, I've never grown anything in my life, so I have no idea what to do or what to expect. Pick them off or not? I just kept waiting, checking on them everyday to wait for them to turn red on the plant, but they never did, and some even started to shrivel up on the skin.

Since it started getting colder, I was pretty sure this was it for my plant. I finally plucked some green tomatoes off and left them on my kitchen counter for a coupla weeks. I just thought it was better than leaving them on the plant to die away in the cold. I really thought it was the end, that I wouldn't get to eat any of my tomatoes this year. And what d'ya know, some started turning red! Silly me, I should have done this months ago. Well now we know for next year.

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