0 My Secret Project

Well, not so secret anymore if I'm posting this haha. Actually, I'm not even doing this project. I'm calling it a 'secret project' because I secretly REALLY want to do it in the house, but I know I won't get the OK from J because he'll think I'm nuts! So I'm not gonna bring it up to him, unless of course he reads this post (lets see how long it will take him to notice this post). I just know it. His immediately reaction will be NO WAY. Well, I will just share the inspiration I guess.

Presenting my Secretly-Want-To-Do Project inspiration:

The Painted Black and White Staircase

Image from Your Home Only Better by Susan, along with great FAQ and tips for the project
Image from House and Home

Image from Decor Pad
Image from Eclectic Revisited
Ahhh, aren't the images so pretty? I would love to paint over our current stairs. It would look so great especially if we repainted all our current dirty trim with brand spankin' new white paint. Right now our yellowed trim makes me cringe. Oh well, one thing at a time. I think we are suppose to be working on the kitchen, or something.

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