0 Painted Kitchen

After over a year of moving in we have finally tackled the task of painting the kitchen this weekend. When we moved in we immediately painted the living/dining room. At that time it was necessary to do it right away because the previous owners left us with some wallpaper that we were sure we didn't want around. We picked out the colour 'Gentle Rain' by Behr. However, we only got the living/dining room painted last year and left it at that, because we were lazy people.

More recently we have been talking about how we're ready to add some cabinetry to the kitchen. We've had the idea for a while, but just wasn't ready to make the move the past year. But we finally want to get 'er done, so I said we must paint first! Off to Home Depot we went yesterday and picked up another can of 'Gentle Rain'. 

This is what our kitchen looked like before this weekend. What a mess of a 'pantry'! Very embarassed. Oh and also please ignore the jibberish written on my blackboard by some house guests. LOL

We moved everything out to the dining area, which was so quick to do. Seeing nothing in this space just feels so open and airy! We plan to sell off those old shelves and start fresh. We like enclosed storage where you can hide all the clutter... stuff... kitchen things.

There were the two big walls in the kitchen, plus we extended the color out to our hallway as well, so this whole floor will eventually be 'Gentle Rain'. Later down the road we will have to tackle the stairway(s) to tie the whole house together. For two days of painting (with meal breaks, NFL breaks, nap time, etc in between), which includes taping off all the edges and doing two coats of paint, we are happy with this weekend's accomplishments.

Here's a closer look at the color. The photos are probably not the most accurate depiction though. It is a grey with what I'd say is a lavenderish undertone but can also look blueish depending on time of day. Honestly I was not in love with the purple-ish hint, but I think it will grow on me and I'm sure my opinion will change once we add some more wall art and decor.

And here is the corner in our hallway. This is one place where the purple undertones in the grey really works as it ties in with the colors in the sticks.  *heart*

Hope to get working on the cabinet project we have in store. Stay tuned!

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