0 DIY: Embellished Wooden Initials

I purchased wooden initials for mine and J's names. First, I sanded down any rough edges and lightly sanded the surface.

I stained them with black wood stain that I already had on hand. I did about three thin coats, letting them to dry in between each coat. 

Then with a variety of buttons I had on hand, I hot glued them on each letter. I layed them out first and kept rearranging until I was satisfied with the layout. Before I glued them on, I hand-stitched thread through each button to make them look like they are sewn onto each wooden letter... it just looks more finished this way rather than just gluing them on without thread.

This whole project didn't take very long, I just went and did other stuff during the wait time between each coat of stain. I would say the longest process was threading every single button, but it was so worth it. It also cost almost nothing as I had all the materials on hand except the letters, which were about 2 bucks each. =)

I made these as a prop for our engagement photoshoot which happened a couple of weeks ago. I also made a few other props so I  hope to share those projects as well. The photoshoot was super fun to do!

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