0 Spare Bedroom Redo, Finally

Warning: Lots of pics in this post!

Ok, so I am finally going to attack this room. When we moved in two years ago, it looked like this, with curtains left from the previous owners:

At some point after we moved in this room had a bed. During the time we had a bed we had like 3 guests to ever sleep over. We really didn't need a guest bedroom because those guests could all really sleep in their own homes because they live in the same city, LOL. And as you can see, this room is really too small to fit this large bed. Please ignore the messiness in the photo, it's the only photo I have with the bed in this room from last year. But really, this isn't even that messy...

This, below, is messy. After we got rid of the bed, the room became a storage room. J calls it the Tornado Room, or my Hoarding Room. It is where I threw everything... seasonal clothes, extra linen and pillows, boxes and boxes of shoes, craft and sewing supplies, dead plants, extra lamps, art work and frames, luggages, etc. I can find anything I needed in here as it was my organised mess, but to others it was just chaos. Hehe.

Well today I decided it was time to get on it, and clean it up... because it's been like this for almost a year. Eeks! I've been pinning a lot on Pinterest, and unfortunately with all the fun stuff that I pin, I haven't really gotten around to trying any of the crafts that I pinned to do. I know that one main factor is that I don't really have a lot of space to work on stuff. I don't have a good spot to put my sewing machine. I don't have a large enough table space to do bigger things and I don't really like cutting/painting/gluing stuff on the floor. We have a printer we haven't even set up because there's no space to put it, same thing with my Cameo Silhouette machine! 

So yeah, time to clean out this room, and make it into a work space that it was meant to be when we moved in two years ago. This afternoon, I cleared it out. Here was some progress:

About an hour later, here it was, in all its empty glory again! Wow, it's like a breath of fresh air:

Well actually, THIS below is its true empty glory because I took down the curtains and rod and eventually unmounted the rod holders because I know I want to rehang curtains that will start right from the ceiling and down to the floor. 

After I unmounted the rod holders I was left with two sets of three screw holes that I had to fill and sand down. 


The previous owners also left us with a lot of screws on the large wall, there were about ten of these:

I unscrewed the screws and used pliers to pull out all plastic dry wall anchors:

So then there were all these other holes to fill and sand down:


The biggest job was fixing the surface on this window nook:

Here are some close ups that show how beat up this surface is:

So I spackled the heck out of it and waited for that to dry, sanded it down and spackled again. I'm not sure this is the right procedure because I didn't really look up how to do it. I just worked with what I had on hand.

I also caulked this floor to ceiling corner crack, plus another long crack along the window =(

So that's all I did today, didn't get to painting like I had hoped. But at least there has been major progress! The paint will cover all the white blotchy-ness that I created from filling the holes and cracks. Can't wait to get this room rolling! I've completed about... 5% of this whole room transformation. =D

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