1 DIY: Make a Kite

Our engagement shoot consisted of two parts. The first part was horse-riding at the ranch, and the second part was kite-flying and picnicking at sunset.

I'm not sure if I really wanted a kite in the photoshoot, or I just really wanted to make a kite in general. I think it's the latter really, I just really wanted to say that 'I made a kite!' and then I just forced the idea into the photoshoot, LOL. Well here it is. I'm sorry this isn't a very detail tutorial, I don't have measurements to give you or an exact list of materials. Just hoping the few pictures will tell the story:

Purchased a sheer white shower liner from my Dollarama, J helped pick this one and we liked that subtle flower print on it. Cut it down to the shape of a kite. I actually doubled up the liner (two layers) so that the kite is less flimsy and less sheer too, you don't have to do this if you are using thicker material.

Snip two bamboo sticks down to two different lengths, one longer than the other to create the skeleton of your kite. Long dowels work too instead of bamboo, I just liked how bamboo made the kite look more 'organic'. Secure the sticks together by wrapping them with string. Hot glue the corners of the liner to the four ends of the sticks. I also folded up all four edges of the liner (like a hem) and secured them down with mod podge.

Now onto the string thing. Purchased these mini planter cups and short wooden dowel, also from Dollarama.  

Glued the cups together bottom to bottom, I also doubled up the cups on each side to give it an extra outter rim. Poke the dowel through the middle and secure with tape and/or hot glue. I stuffed each cup on each side with crumbled up newspaper just so the cups aren't hollow and fragile. The stuffing really strengthened the whole thing. 

Then I cute two round pieces of cardboard the same diameter of the cup openings to put over the ends to cover up the newspaper. Coincidentally the cardboard turned out to be the same colour as the planter cups. The whole thing just looked flawless. Wrapped string around the cups and attached it to the kite. I just Googled on how and where to attach the string to the kite. 

Who woulda thought this would work and look so much like a real kite. I finished it off with two reaaallly long thick gold ribbons, plus several thin gold ribbons with white feathures glued to the ends. I was going for fun and romantic :)

We really love how the sun shone through the white and you can see the subtle flowers. 


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