0 DIY: Repurpose Hair Accessories

Remember this post where I bought these hair pins.

And I mentioned only using a couple of them for our photoshoot. And this was a test run:

Here's a close look at these same heart and leaves pins actually in use at our shoot:

And to be a little matchy-matchy (and also make use of the pins that would have gone to waste since I said I may not really use them on regular days), I used the second heart pin that came in the pack and re-purposed it into a collar pin for J's outfit. :)

To do this, I simply took the heart and snapped it off of the hair fastener. Then I hot glued a regular round-headed sewing pin to the back of the heart:

Below was a trial look taken at home which already had me thinking 'what a cute touch!'. I also tried it on the lapel of a suit that we had originally intended to wear for the shoot, it looked really cute on the suit too! But in the end we ditched the whole formal suit idea for the shoot and went with just the dress shirt.

Lastly, to utilize another hairpin from the pack, I decided to make a last minute boutonniere for J's suspender/kite-flying/picnic outfit. It was literally the morning of the photoshoot when I decided to go outside and pick some wild flowers/plants and put together this boutonniere. I snapped the owl off another fastener and hot glued it to embellish this boutonniere. The turquoise ribbon was also a rush grab, guess where it's from! It's the hanging ribbon that I snipped off of my turquoise lace dress in the kite-flying/picnic photos! The ribbons were always sticking out of the dress anyway and I had no use for them since the dress stays on a hanger just fine without them, so I cut them off. And whatdayaknow, it would be the perfect matching color to use on the boutoniere. :D

What do you think? Not bad for a 10 minute job. I think small little accessories here and there really made our photoshoot extra fun. Now to find a use for the other flower hairpins from the pack... I think I already have an idea ;)

Signing off!

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