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This weekend my bridesmaids and I went wedding dress shopping! It was our very first trip going altogether. It was exciting to finally (and seriously) begin this search. I didn't fall for anything though, there was maybe one top contender, but not right enough for me to say Yes. But it was a good start to my Journey to The Dress.

We had lunch and then ended up at Bridesmaid Sandy's place, where Bridesmaid Mayce and I started to play with each other's hair. I've been pinning (on Pinterest) some hair inspiration for the wedding day, and asked Mayce to try them on me. She's good with hair, that girl.

Here's a simple waterfall braid just for warm up:

And then here's the first updo style. She attempted this one like three times, LOL, trying to get the waterfall braid at the top to look right. It was quite funny actually.

First try was too... vertical, haha:

Second try, which was very cute already with the loose bun. But she had to do it again to try to hide the bald spots from the braids. haha

Third try was better and a little different. No loose bun but instead a full braid twisted and pinned up.

Well for starters she definitely did well. We only had a photo to reference from, no video tutorial or anything, so this was a good try considering all that. We'll improve for sure if we want to do this style again.

And here is my attempt on her hair. LOL! We all said it was like a ghetto one-sided Princess Leia bun, haha. Now I am embarassed with my work, I'll try again next time. Don't laugh.

Moving along, this is Mayce's second style on me. She just winged it which turned out super simple and elegant. We all loved it.

Whops, ignore that strand of hair sticking out of the middle. 

Anyway, we didn't do that much, but it was fun to play around and also a good start to know that at least the option is there to have my hair done without hiring a stylist. 

Thanks Mayce! 

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