0 Dress, check!

I have been to about eight different bridal boutiques and probably tried on 50 different dresses over the last year. I am sooooo happy to announce that I have found the one! =)

I must say, the one turned out to be kinda 180 degrees from what I had imagine I'd pick. I tried on many different silhouettes, different materials, different details all the while knowing there was a certain look I was going for. But I tried different things just to keep an open mind, because knowing myself - anything goes! I'm fickle like that. Yikes. That's why I couldn't say yes to anything all along. I was actually getting worried and stressed if I'd ever say yes to any of them.

When I found the one, I sorta just knew. I mean I hestitated, but I revisited the store and tried it again, and it sort of all just made sense to me. When I worried that someone else was going to buy it before me, that was when I knew I had to have it. No one else can have it! So now I have it hanging at home, yay!!

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