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Over the weekend we celebrated our friend Katrin's 30th birthday. The theme was 80s Party! Aside from Halloween I'm not really sure I've ever really dressed up in 'costume' to a themed party. The thought of dressing silly (yes I did think it was going to be silly) didn't really interest me, but as the day neared I figured it was better to fit in with everyone than to stand out like a sore thumb and be called 'that party pooper who didn't come in theme'. And so glad I did. It turned out to be SO FUN! Yes it was fun to look silly.

Here's the pic I shared on Instagram a few days ago. This was on our way to the party, waiting for the elevator.

What I'm wearing:
Husband's t-shirt that I cut up last minute (It reads I sniffed coke but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose, LOL)
Green polka-dot dress
Thick gold belt
Pink leg warmers
Glitter peep-toe heels
Big bow scrunchy on my wrist
Rad's pink hoop earrings
Big glasses

I'm not sure it was a good 80s look, but it was what I could pull together without going shopping for anything =P

When we arrived we were welcomed by the sign on the door. And then Pacman cutouts along the bar!

The decor was truly awesome, all done by Kat's friends. They had all these 80s cassette tapes (where do you even get these anymore??), a ton of cool vinyl records taped all over, a spray painted wall as a photo back drop, and lots of fun props like a blow up pink electric guitar, a huge (huge!) boom box, a glitter microphone, and all these really cute 80s famous quotes subbed in with Katrin's name (the E.T. one below is cute)

Above is a photo of me with the birthday girl, rocking on. 

And below are the girls having a good time, and my attempt at photoshopping to make the pics look like old school prints we use to develop. Grace (right) had the most fierce make up!

Did you attend any costume parties lately? Do you usually shop for a new outfit or do you like to work with what you have? Some of the guys were in mullets and tiger print tights, a party really is so much more fun when EVERYONE is in character =D

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