0 English Tea Party Bridal Shower

Back in April my bridesmaids San and Rad ("Rad" for RADICAL! j/k, "Rad" for Radhika =P) threw me an amazing bridal shower. The theme was English Tea Party, and boy, was it a tea party!

It was full of party props - cute porcelain tea cups and teapots, lovely flowers, balloons, more food than we can eat, and of course, a huge assortment of teas!

I have never really known them as big party planners (and the three of us have been besties for about 16 years!) but they sure blew my mind away with all the love they put into this. I love them so much!

Everyone had on a pretty fascinator (to go with the whole English theme) and of course that made for awesome photo ops. 

Ruth, left in the photo below, had on an amazing little hat that her friend made for her just for this party. I couldn't stop admiring it!

This one below is one of my favourite photos. All giggly and un-ready for the camera, those are usually the best.

San and Rad are on the right in the photo above, drinking by the bottle, that's how they roll ;) Below is another one of the three of us that I like =)

Have you been to many bridal showers? What sorts of themes, if any, have you seen? For me it was having the amazing company of the ladies in my life that was the most important, and then having these pretty photos for keepsakes was just the icing on top. 


Photo credits to Rad and my cousin Nancy

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