0 DIY: Something For Your Thigh

For my wedding I made my own toss garter. It was a simple white garter and I glued on some gold buttons and pearls that I already had. Having spent a lot of time DIY-ing other elements of the wedding (fabric bouquets, invitations, place cards), it was really nice to check something off the list that took five minutes to make.

It's quite simple but I really liked it that way. The buttons and pearls were also used on the bouquets so there was still some consistency with everything even though on its own it can look plain. I love this photo taken my our photographer, and it's the only thing I have now to remember it by.

My cousin Nancy is getting married two weeks from tomorrow. Her wedding is going to be so awesome, I just know it. And she's asked me to make her garter for her. So I whipped out my glue gun and put this together...

I played around with all the buttons and flowers quite a bit and ended up with this arrangement. Nancy liked it and I let out a sigh of relief, because I was really worried it wasn't her vision at all. But then again, she did leave it all up to me and didn't specify what she wanted, so she wasn't allowed to complain even IF she didn't like it. LOL.

Have a great weekend!

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