0 We Went Away

... two months ago.

When I got married in May, 40 of us flew over to Italy for that special day. But let's rewind 12 days before actually getting married on May 15th. My bridesmaids, Rad and San, and I decided that if we were going to fly to Europe for my wedding, we may as well do my bachelorette there!

Here is a video I compiled, (semi-)documenting our 6 days in Barcelona and Ibiza. I am no filmmaker, and I'm really no good speaking on camera either, but it sure was fun just saying crap here and there to commemorate the wonderful trip. These ten minutes really does not do the actual trip justice (that's what memories and 2000+ photos are for!), but good enough to remind me of the little things like giggles and street music that photos won't provide.

Highlights from the trip:
  • FOOD - I really don't think we had a single bad meal there
  • Ibiza (Old) Town was simply gorgeous. Going up/in(?) the Dalt Vila and lazing there for the afternoon to cold drinks and the view was just my idea of r-e-l-a-x
  • Pretty awesome flamenco and dinner show, the dancers of Tablao de Carmen were amazing!
  • Pampering ourselves in a Roman bath and getting a massage
  • and then getting our feet nibbled on by fishies!
  • Passing some random musical talents and getting invited in for tea
  • Seeing the crazy church 
  • Chilling out on the sandy beach
  • Chilling out in all the patios, enjoying jugs of sangria
  • Simply chilling out

This was a much needed trip to relax myself right before the big day. Man, vacations should never be over. I can't thank my girlfriends enough for planning the activities, it was a good mix of down time, and down time (did I say I needed to relax?)  =)

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