0 Wedding Photobook

I have been meaning to make a photobook for all our wedding photos. With all the pictures our photographer took, plus ones sent back to us from our guests, we have well over 2000 photos. Man! It takes long to sort through so many photos! And it doesn't help that I am a slow worker when it comes to the visual stuff, my eyes just wander all over the place taking in every little detail of every photo.

Anyways, so I finally got cracking at this. I am going to try with Photobook Canada as that is what my cousin used most recently with a good finished product and I was not too picky with all the different companies out there. Plus, with this Canadian company it looks like I can do a pick up instead of paying for hefty shipping from the U.S.

So I downloaded their program which allows you to drag in your photos into the page spreads and customize however you like. There are pre-set layouts that you can just plug your photos into, but I opt to just do them myself so that everything is exactly how I want it. I gotta admit that I may have a slight ounce of regret for not going with the pre-sets that they offer, because this is taking me quite a while (did I already mention I am a slower worker?). There's just so many photos to go through and trying to decide what should go with what, which ones should get a more prominent spot and which should share a spread with which. Ahhhh.

Luckily I am marking this one as an "on-going" project for now. No deadline as we are not in a rush to get it done. I'll do a few spreads a night I guess and eventually it will be done. I don't want to feel the pressure to speed through it and end up with what will be apparent as a rushed job in the finished product.

At the moment I have no idea how many pages it will end up being. Crossing my fingers it will not cost us a fortune! Luckily they often run promos so we'll see.


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