0 DIY: Quick Framed Art with Chalk

Here's something quick I threw together. In the middle of tidying up our second bedroom and modelling it into a functional craft/work room, I was coming across lots of odds and ends of things I didn't know what to do with or where to store.

First, here is the cake topper I made for our wedding in May:
Out of many of the props and DIY wedding decors that I brought to Italy with me, I left most of it behind after the trip but kept the cake topper. Mainly because it was light and easy to pack back, and secondly I did think maybe I could do something with it after. However, every since it came home it had just been collecting dust.

Secondly, I have a bunch of empty frames laying around. Some I bought also thinking I'd do something with it someday, others were already owned and I didn't really want to part with them despite not using them in the recent bijillion years. Example:
Jimmy owned two of these gold certificate frames from when he lived at home. After we moved and he brought these with him, I changed out his certificate to black frames, but kept these gold ones. Then two weeks ago my cousin got married and borrowed the gold frames to use as chalkboard frames for her photobooth. When returned back to me it still had the chalkboard in it:

So having kept the glass piece to the frame, I guess I can still use it to frame something... plus just retaining the chalkboard surface. So I went with it and doodled:

Put it back into the frame with the glass on top:

Then stuck my cake topper over the glass:

I know, I could have put the cake topper under the glass, but I liked this layered look more. The fun thing with this is you can easily erase the pattern on the chalkboard and draw something else. I don't love this wavy pattern (maybe because I did it so extremely free-handedly and it looks all childish, whick is kinda the charm here too) so I think I might change it up and do it more neatly while at it.

What do you think? Instead of standing it up I think I will be hanging it on a wall.

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