0 Trieu Love Boutique: My Tiny Milestone!

I started a little shop on Etsy at the end of June where I posted a few things that I designed up for sale. It's no full-time business, but it has been really rewarding nontheless just knowing there are people out there who like what I make. Of course I am a far cry from some of the most popular sellers on Etsy who have over hundreds of listings and over thousands of sales (then again most have been selling there for years, vs. me for two months). I was so happy when I made my first sale. And then even happier when I got my second, and third.. and so on.

This morning, I got my tenth! It's no 1000th, or even 100th sale, just 10th. TENTH! I just thought it was a happy little milestone that I wanted to celebrate with myself.

Heehee. I guess when you're fishing with little bait in a big pond (read: new seller on a huge e-commerce site), you get really happy when you catch!

Just wanted to give a big virtual hug to my ten buyers, and say thank you to everyone who's clicked in so far even just to stalk me peek at my store. Really appreciate the support!

It's a growing space, slowly, but growing. Everyday I am working on something to hopefully put on for sale. I mean, I don't list something everyday, no no. I mean I work on stuff and it can take days or even weeks before I am happy enough to put it up for sale. That's why the shop is growing very slowly. But that also means I end up with stuff that I'm really happy with before I try to sell it. YAY!

Thank you for stopping in!


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