2 30th Birthdays

This year, 2013, marks the celebration of many 30th birthdays. My friends and I are a bunch of '83 babies, so we had a few celebrations this year. October is always a busy month as some of my best friends have birthdays in October, plus my husband, plus my cousin Jess, plus Thanksgiving celebrations!

For friend Sandy's birthday back on October 13th, I made her this card.

What? A Playboy Bunny? It's kind of an inside joke. She had nonchalantly told me to make a Playboy Bunny place card to sell in my shop just a few weeks prior, I went har-har and ignored that. Well I kept that in mind and gave the girl what she asked for... as a birthday card. 

The inside message was just a short hand-written note wishing her a hoppy birthday =P Btw, making your own envelope is so super easy! Just Youtube 'how to make an envelope' and you will get tons of great tutorials for all shapes and sizes. I loved that I was able to make a perfectly sized envelope for this custom sized card. 

Oh yes, and of course I didn't forget to leave some shameless self-promotion on the back. 

We also got her balloons and a blingy 30th tiara from a party decor shop. That princess had a fun night!

Moving on we have friend Rad's 30th just over a week ago on October 29th, where we went for wine and cheese. I had a bit more time that morning so instead of picking up the same tiara for her, I made this glittery number hairclip:

Isn't it fun? She loves purple, and what girl doesn't like glitz. I made her wear this all night, which was super cute in photos =P

And of course, an accompanying card. It was a lot of fun making this because I'm usually very indecisive about colors. I like them all and always have trouble sticking to one or two when I'm doing something that's not specified by a client. So I told myself here, 'self, lets go a little crazy'. 

For the inside I typed out a message to her. It was a bit wordy so knowing my terrible penmanship I figure it would be neater typed. I don't think it's any less personal not writing by hand, right? Just say yes. And by this time in October, I had designed my new logo, so this card was the first 'product' that got the first official stamp!

I also got Rad a silly gift that night which was another inside joke of ours. I am still waiting for both girls to let me know what they really want for their Bdays. Girls - I hope you are reading this!


Lum Lum said...

Hahaha... I'm finally catching up on your site, and noticed THIS post !

(K)<3 !

Betty said...

What, I just saw this comment. Weird! Yes come back more often to catch up!