0 Shop Talk: 'Sweetheart' Program Fans

Howdy! Just thought I'd do a post to talk a bit about one of the top sellers in my shop. It's a paper fan that the wedding couple can customize with any content they want. Back in June I started my shop with a few items listed, one of them was the wedding ceremony program that J and I used at our wedding. I put it together about just a couple of weeks before our wedding, and at that point I was actually still unsure of that day's run-down of events for the ceremony. Like what exactly will happen when... I had no real idea. But we did pick all the music that will be played, so I used that as my starting point and came up with this simple and sweet design.

It basically gave the gist of things: Vows, exchange rings, clap and cheer, celebrate! The second page was Fun Facts about us. I ended up quite liking my front page heart design and thought Hmmm, there are probably other brides that don't want to be so concise with the ceremony agenda and want it more relaxed and fun. So the design went straight to my shop.

After some time I decided the same design can go on a fan. Bam.

The design is listed as "customizable" because a bride can put whatever they want in the heart and on the flip side. For J and I we listed our song names, but one of my first customers wanted hers like the above, so this version was born... and has become a hit. I've been able to provide this service to a number of brides so far, all who've 'kept some and changed some' based off the sample.

Then I have to thank Heather, a fellow Canadian who was my first Etsy customer to hire me to actually print and assemble her fans (before that I was just providing designed digital files for the customers to DIY them).

So since that, a mini assembly line was born in my studio =) I now offer the option to A) design and send a file for the couple to print and make their own fans, or B) full package: design plus full assembly and shipped. It's been super fun so far and I've had the chance to do a few more orders.

I was afraid that the wedding business might be a bit slow right now, it being November and all, but since these are fans it's been consistently generating hits in the shop because lots of couples are heading south for their destination wedding in the winter! And you want fans for the hot weather. Yay! So I've been super happy that I still get to do this stuff in the winter months because I love delivering it. I really do!

I wish I remembered to take photos of all the other designs I've shipped. Anyways, I've chassé'ed my way into calling these my Sweetheart wedding fans. I mean, if I HAD to give it a name, I think Sweetheart is quite suiting, right? There's a Sweetheart line going on in the shop actually, where I'm offering matching save the dates, invitations, and thank you cards. It hasn't been as easy as I expected to start a shop and build a line of items. But I am happy and grateful so far for the opportunities I've had.

Thanks for stopping by!

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