Yesterday I popped into a Value Village on my way home from brunch. The only section I look at is home decor, like if I can find a nice vase or box or cool frame. So yesterday I scored a few things, one of which was this little woven basket.

Actually I wouldn't consider this one a 'score', it was $2.99, which in my opinion could have been $1-$2 instead only because of it's size and compared the other baskets that were there. But I got it anyway because I liked the shape. 

Immediately I knew I wanted to paint it. And didn't think I'd ever film a crafting video, but I did! I'm no film editor so it's not a fancy video with effects and music, just me yapping away on what I was doing. Enjoy!

And here it is for now in the living room. Fresh flowers would make such a huge difference though.

My thought is since I didn't spend a lot of money on the item, it was more ok to just play around with it and also ok if I screwed up in any way or it didn't end up looking perfect. I am enjoying the quick 5-10 minute makeovers of things, I'm able to just do it and move on to my next thought (but occasionally I do still like the bigger projects). How about you? Do you like bigger projects or the quick and easy ones?

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