Since I like to pin stuff, I thought for those of you who don't really actively use Pinterest and/or don't want to 'follow' me on there because it can be an overdose of Pinterest-ing, I can still share a quick roundup of pins via a blog post once a week. That way, you get to see some of the stuff I like (which is stuff that some people out there like because I am just repinning what people have pinned!), and it's also a way to actually give a shoutout to a select three images.

I'm going with sharing three pins a week because three is my favourite number. Not too high not too low. If I make myself commit to sharing a high number I might get discouraged to keep up with this =P. Three is just the right amount of time I should spend on this anyway.

I realize we keep pinning and pinning things, yet we pin and we easily forget, but if I give it a blog feature then I think it helps me with making a better mental note of 'Hey, remember that outfit/artwork/room/thingamajig that I pinned and loved, I blogged about it too! I should do/make it cause I really did like it'. So here we go, the first Friday Pinterest Three: a fashion feature to kick it off.

Original pins: 1 , 2 , 3

1. When I saw this combo I wanted to put it on right away. It looks so comfortable! I think I'd just wear it at home everyday too minus the accessories if I'm not going out. I think this might be a go-to outfit this coming summer.

2. The whole outfit is so simple yet put together. Love that blue.

3. I'd run out and do my errands in this. If grey is considered a colour then it is my favourite colour for years now. I actually don't own any loose tees that are that perfect butt-length, so it's time to get some in a few different colours, including grey for sure.

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