Happy Valentine's Day! 

To celebrate the Day of Love, the internet is filled with ideas for gifts, decorations, and DIYs. I try not to fill the house with anything overly girly, but while pinning pink stuff, I thought to myself "If I were to have three big items in my home be pink, I think these would be it!"

Original Pins: 1, 2, 3

 1. I can always imagine having a coloured refrigerator. I wouldn't mind this in white or mint either, but having it in pink would make the kitchen so happy! 

2. Ah, a chaise in a blush pink, I think I would lounge on it all the time, maybe even pick up a book for once. 

3. In the right shade, I would paint my door pink! If not my front door, I could paint one of the doors inside the house pink, maybe a kids room's door, or laundry room door?

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