Happy Lunar New Year to all! BTD wishes you a prosperous and healthy year of the Horse. Naayhhhhhh! (How do you make a horse sound?!)

We were not short of celebrations full of good food and loud company this year, just like any other year. 'Holiday weight' for Asians tend to carry through to February. Any new year's resolutions to workout and keep fit should really start after the Lunar New Year, not Jan 1st =P

Here I am, sitting on my pilates ball at my desk (I only use the ball for sitting, no actual pilates workout for me. Don't judge.) thinking about all the things I have to do for my shop. So much I can do to market myself, sometimes it's hard to decide what to do next! 

Well we gotta start somewhere other than just having a blog right? Let's do it:

Other than this blog, I'll share photos and updates on the FB page. Give me a Like to keep up with news and follow me on the journey of making things. =P 

And to keep things even more organized... I have also decided that it was time to re-organize my life Instragram. The original Trieu_Love on Instagram was a place where I shared everything: food, family, friends, home/DIYs, TLB products. To keep my personal life a bit more, well, personal, Trieu_Love is now BettyTrieu where I still do the 3 F's (friends, family, food). And we now introduce the new TrieuLoveBoutique for all those other lovely things (shop/design-related). However, 'personal' is not strictly personal really, you can still follow BettyTrieu even if you don't know me =), it is not that private. As long as you're not turned off by my 3 F's, follow away!

Thank you for the continuous support.

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