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Here's a look at the wall I finished recently in my home office. Hung up some memorabilia, and a deer head.

Let's start with the deer. It was just a regular day at HomeSense... ok not that regular, because this time I was there with Cousin Becca (visiting home from Hong Kong) and the hubs. We were doing some new years eve grocery shopping and decided to stop in the mall. Becca found some awesome end-of-season deals on candles, and I put this deer head in the cart.

J was not amused with this glittery deer head. Ha! It was from the Seasonal section for $19.99. I was hoping it'd be on post-Christmas clearance... long story short (there is actually a pretty looonnng story to how I decided to buy it, but I'll save that for another time if you really want to know).. basically I got it for FIVE BUCKS! I'm not sure if the fact that it's glittery screams HOLIDAYS to you, but I don't see why I can't have this awesome piece of deer up all year round. RIGHT?

J said I can put it up as long as it's in my office and not anywhere in the rest of the house where he would see it, lol, I was happy to oblige. So after laying it out on the floor with some other stuff I had and playing around with the placement of things, I ended up with the current arrangement.

I have been itching (so badly!!) to put up those three ceremic plates since last summer. They were a wedding gift from my awesome cousins Jess, Tracy, and Tiffany (the three ARTISTS of our family)! They took elements from our wedding invitation and save-the-date and each designed and painted a plate for us. It is ohhhhh-so-special! Love love love. I was so happy to finally get them up on the wall.

Right under the deer head we have a shadow box that I got from the Dollarama and put our wedding 'guest book' hearts. Each guest signed a heart and I saved them to make this little box after. The wooden box comes raw and I just painted it with a dark stain.

To the right of the deer we have our B and J wooden initials that I made way back for our engagement photoshoot. Then right underneath is a postcard of the Hands of God and Adam mural by Michelangelo, my cousins all signed this postcard when we were in Rome and sent it back to us. I love it! The very bottom is another postcard from Cousin Jess's trip to Vietnam. I just randomly framed it, along with the other two silver frames on the far left, I think the items in these frames can/may be swapped out in the future.

Aside from wanting a bit better storage on those two shelves (thinking baskets or boxes that are all the same rather than the current mix of boxes), I am happy to say the room is so much better organized now. Even have the tripod permanently set up for quick access to snap photos.

Ohhhh, and check out the curtains. Can't see it clearly in the above photo? ... Here:

I picked up two sheer white panels from Ikea a while back, and later felt like drawing on them. Cue the gold sharpie! You can't see clearly that they're drawn in gold, but yes they are! Geometric shapes hand-drawn on the curtains. =D

I don't know how I came up with this. I just wanted something simple, and a nerdy side of me kinda snuck in with geometry I guess. The shapes just run across about a 1/4 of the whole panel, the top 2/4 and bottom 1/4 are left blank.

Lastly, to kind of show the other side of the room: a piece of art I did from school with marker, my capiz chandelier, and the purple wall where my desk is. Maybe I'll share that wall in another post someday.

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