Heya! Just added some more links at the menu up top for 'Our Wedding'. Went through all the photoshoots we did that lead up to our wedding last spring and picked out a few favourites to share. Click around the drop-down menu at the top and have a look!

Engagement PhotoshootPre-wedding PhotoshootWedding Day Photoshoot

It was super fun styling our e-session, from choosing the location, to picking our outfits, to making all the props. Then there was the pre-wedding shoot in China, which was a whole new (kinda weird) experience for the both of us (especially for J who doesn't speak of word of Mandarin!). Then of course our wedding day/week in Italy. Ahh the memories. Having a hard time moving on from these moments I must say! I think maybe we need some new milestones to come up in order to highlight something else in our lives. Move to a new house? Have babies? ... NAH! Maybe it's just time for a vacation so we can have travel pics to share!!

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