Meet Me!

Hi! I'm Betty. I wanted to share my love for handmade items with anyone looking for something unique. So this blog was born in 2010.

I'm based in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada!), living in a little townhouse with my hubby. He proposed in 2011 while we were on vacation in Paris, then we got married in Florence, Italy in May of 2013 and fell in love with that city. We will definitely go back one day, but not until we hit some other dream destinations first since we love to see the world.

Some random things about me: I'm a big time lifestyle blog-READER (writing on my own blog on the other hand... on the slow side). I wish I was a better cook and had a greener thumb. I can't read a book with music in the background, but I can fall asleep in the noisiest places. I enjoy fishing and I can sit for a long time doing that. I love ramen, pasta, and ice-cream. I wish I could still do the splits, and straight cartwheels. And like many, I'm addicted to Pinterest. 

My friends call me Martha Stewart, but I don't live up to that name. I just have a great passion for creating trying to create so I give it my best go at it. I get a huge kick from making something pretty out of nothing, and an even bigger kick knowing so many people support me both with kind words, and now with order requests! 

Whether you are here just to see what I am up to these days on my blog, or checking what little ideas I am selling in my event stationery shop on Etsy, or seeing if I am the person to bring your vision to life for your special day with a custom order - I hope you find what you are looking for.

I am a good listener. I take every job given to me right to heart, just as if I am making something for myself, but better. If you are looking for someone to execute an idea you already have, or you want me to give you unique ideas, don't hesitate to contact me. Think of me as a friend and we'll chat! Together we can make that perfect item for you.

Thanks for popping by!