Many Asian couples do a 'pre-wedding' photoshoot. This is where you book with a studio to spend a day (usually months before the wedding) dressed as bride and groom and take photos. You'd wear suits and gowns provided by the studio, and they'd do your hair and make-up. The photos can then be used at the rest of the wedding (invitation, blown up to display at the reception, slideshow, thank you cards, etc). Sometimes this replaces the more 'western' engagement shoot where you'd wear casual wear. Well, we did both. We did the ranch e-session in Toronto, then during our trip to Asia we booked a pre-wedding shoot. So here are some of those photos!

Oh and I should probably mention that we might look kind of awkward/uncomfortable in these pics (LOL). It was a bit stiff and pose-y for our taste, as we preferred the relaxed take on photos just like in our engagement photos. But this was still a fun(ny) experience during out trip to China. Cheesy wedding photos: check!